Remove support for Discord user discriminators following Discord API changes. (You will be missed..)


Added the new .teamcode and .team commands, allowing team members to generate a single-use code that can be shared with others to gain access to their relevant channel, without requiring Vantibyte staff.


Added the new .priv command, allowing users to generate a private channel to speak with Vantibyte staff. This is similar to “mod mail” features found elsewhere.


Our Discord has had a major reshuffle - there’s now no public channels. This is in the interest of privacy for our customers! All relevant public channel information has been moved to the Docs pages.
New customers will be able to reach staff when joining the server, and inviters have some new features too.

Anyone who is registered as an “inviter” with us will have a unique code that invitees should use. Details around this are shared privately.

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