Discord is used as the primary method of support for Vantibyte solutions, as well as further discussion around your needs. We generally suggest that anyone who is interacting with our tools is invited, as this is the quickest way to get real-time assistance (if needed) from the team.

The first thing any new joiner will notice, is that we do not have any publicly accessible channels. Every team is given their own channel, and access to this is only given to our staff and the members of your team. Once anyone joins, they will be placed into a personal holding channel with instructions on how to proceed.


Our well intentioned - and uncreatively named - helper. VantiBot provides services to staff and customers alike. What can it do? Here’s some of the commands that are available:

Command Available Description
.inv Personal Channel Only Adds your inviter to your personal channel, to discuss requirements
.link Everyone Provides the discord invite link
.docs Everyone Provides a link to these docs, sublinks listed below
.web Everyone Provides a link to the Vantibyte website, sublinks listed below
.priv Everyone Creates a personal channel for yourself and staff members
.team Personal Channel Only Adds you to the relevant team linked to the code
.teamcode Team Channels Creates a single use team invite code, valid for 5 minutes

Simply add these after the relevant command above, and get the right link.


dash overlay video solutions
bitrate videopub videoplay videoprod


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