Examples for other software

Currently our documentation focuses on using OBS and VLC, other options are available and examples using some other software packages will be added

Feed Management

Specific authentication is required for streaming to our platform, with the ability to manage the stream keys coming soon to Dash. This will achieve the following:

  • Generate own named streams and key pairs via Dash
  • Ability to issue “temporary” keys and revoke these when done
  • Know exactly which streams are associated with your account
  • Know which streams are currently in use, or recently used
  • Enable tracking and statistics (spoiler!)

Tracking and statistics

Some shiny statistics and tracking metrics will be on their way, to help you understand your usage.

  • Which stream keys have been used, when, and for how long
  • Which streams are watched the most (in total, not minute by minute)
  • Identify any unexpected use of keys

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